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Why Buy Digital From Cromwell Media?

The Cromwell Group has one of the most capable digital platforms in the country. It gives advertisers of all sizes several key advantages when it comes to designing, implementing and reporting on digital marketing campaigns. 


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Geo Fencing

We can send your targeted message to smartphone, tablet
and computer users in a defined geographic area. We can
fence areas as small as 300 square feet!

Geo Retargeting

We use behavioral data based on your target audience to ensure your ad is seen by potential customers in any city or region.

Geo Video

Engage consumers through mobile video as they are near or around business or key points of interest. 

Connected TV 

Television capable of streaming video content through multiple sources, including stick, dongle, puck, or smart tv within zip codes. 

Target Display

Target Internet users based on Geography, Gender, Age, Income, Education, Parenting and Interest. Display ads are served up based on those parameters within zip codes. 

Site- Re targeting 

We can have your ad follow and appear to people who have visited your website and encourage them to return. We also use search re-targeting to market your ad to potential customers who have previously searched for the product or service you provide

E mail Marketing

With over 725 targeting filters including location, age, income, lifestyle interests and more, Cromwell Group can showcase your offer to the best prospects in your trading area and then track customer behavior as the open and click on your email.

Listed Local SEO

Optimized business listing

Reputation front and center

Multiple apps,  small screen

Drives people to location 

IP Targeting

It's the Direct Mail of Digital,

We can take any physical mailing address and match it to an individual household, hotel convention center of office IP address from there we deliver a variety of banners messaging to the sites the consumer visits on the internet.  



We give you the ability to view the successful delivery of your campaign through metrics and proof of performance reports, snapshots, analytics.  Our transparency report combines engagement, impressions, clicks, the apps and contents that were delivered for every part of your digital campaign you do with us. 


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